Pitch Wagon: musings of a 20-year tech industry PR guy

Hello! Thanks for visiting Pitch Wagon, the blog for MediaPR.net.

My name is Victor Cruz and  I run a small PR agency that relies on a network of professional service providers (i.e., freelance journalists, writers, social media gurus). We mostly represent IT and web services companies. My clients include Brainloop, CompanionLink, GroupFlier, GuardTime, eGestalt, SMTP Inc. .. and I still have time on my hands.  We set up press interviews, analyst briefings, channel relations, customer case studies (testimonials), press releases, publishable thought leadership pieces, and social media outreach such as Facebook Newsrooms.

Contacts: vcruz@mediapr.net

LinkedIn:   http://tinyurl.com/PRguyVic



4 responses to “About

  1. Anna Choi


    How did you get all this material to post already? It looks really good though i think you are standing way too close to the camera in the picture.

    • Well, that’s an easy one… I spent the last few weeks writing the articles. Articles that were floating in my head for the past year. Since we’re talking about what’s inside my head, 20 years worth of PR stuff, most is NOT interesting.

  2. Nice site Victor! Hopefully I don’t end up as one of the stories under your CEOs section!

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