Twitter steps

We welcome comments on this ‘work-in-progress,’ which Twitter itself is really all about.

  • Stage One: from zero to 100 followers

Tweet as much as you can to reach 50 tweets (over 2-4 week period)

Tweet news items that are broad in interest to a general industry-specific audience

Tweet little about your own business; (never be selling)

Do not start following others aggressively until you reach 50 tweets

  • Stage 2: from 100 to 500 followers

Continue tweeting industry news

Occasionally make references to your own blog/website

Limit self-promotional items (the community comes first)

Tweet your own webinars/podcasts

Occasionally add personal opinions

At 50 tweets, begin with building up your follower count (those following you)

  • Stage 3: from 500 to 1,000 followers

Tweet new company website/blog posts esp. if they are non-promotional in nature

Purge out those not following you back

Add additional followers

Find lists to join

Tweet your own News/Videos

Add personal opinions

  • Stage 4: from 1,000 to 2,000 followers

Continue tweeting industry news

Increase use of Re-tweets

Search for additional followers

Add in soft selling: tweet valuable solutions

Start tweeting personal opinions

  • Stage 5: from 2,000 followers on

Purge out those not following you back

Increase self-promotional tweet items

Increase personal opinions (show personality)

Tweet/Re-tweet White Papers several times

Tweet/Re-tweet big company news items

Tweet/Re-tweet awards, press clips

At the 2,000 milestone, launch a Follower Campaign to increase followers.

The more followers you acquire, the larger your network.


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