Be aware of Vendor Myopia

As someone who has booked hundreds of one-on-one media interviews with technology company CEOs, I have seen a certain insidious disease crop up again and again.

This disease is something I call Vendor Myopia.

Vendor nearsightedness happens naturally in most closely knit communities. It happens within families, teams, clubs, clicks and clans, just as it happens within companies.

How does this happen?  It happens because closely knit groups tend to develop their own private language that can easily alienate outsiders.

It’s a condition developed by too much familiarity among employees sharing common corporate messages that circulate for years inside of walled gardens with little ventilation or outside influence.

Jargon & Acronyms:  these are the children of Vendor Myopia.

So when conducting interviews with people outside of your immediate company circle or industry, be aware that these outsiders– people who you need to evangelize to, who you need to buy into your products and services or philosophy —  are likely hearing your company messages and POV for the very first time.

So you need to temper your communications accordingly.  And make the assumption that outsiders have little to no prior knowledge about your company.

Don’t get caught with Vendor Myopia disease.


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