The biggest peeve among press

Recently while attending a “meet the press” event for PR pros, someone asked, what is the biggest peeve journalists have about PR people? (Of course there are many.) The answer was surprising and ridiculous. The answer was that PR people are hard to find on vendor websites. That something so easy to mend can be so high on the list of annoyances is a real kill joy. But visit most vendor sites and you’ll see how the PR contact is nowhere to be found.

The first place I tend to look is at a company’s press release. When these are distributed via a wire service, the contact is always there, but for some reason a lot of vendors delete it once it gets posted. Why, I don’t know.

About the best example I’ve seen among vendors for addressing the big peeve is Enterworks (not a client). I’ve never seen a vendor care so much about ‘servicing’ a press query. And service is what it’s all about. They write, “We welcome media and analyst inquiries. We respect the value of your limited time, and will prove it with quick, concise, and substantive responses.”

Now that’s the service model to follow.


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  1. Phil Britt

    I’m a long-time journalist, starting in the days when IBM selectrics were state of the art for copy production.

    This game of “where’s PR” is much harder than “where’s Waldo” and is absolutely a very frustrating issue. Even if the PR person is posted, the contact info is not.

    No. 2 pet peeve: PR people who are nothing more than “gatekeepers,” and their job is to block the press. And not even from controversial stories, just general trend articles.

    No. 3 peeve: PR people who don’t have someone handle their responsibilities when they are out, meaning it’s a week before a call gets answered, and, inevitibly, the person PR needs to connect the reporter with is out the next week.

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