Old School PR: Pitch Wagon honors Radio Flyer CEO

Nice to see old-school PR still works. By old school I mean coverage in national print media, or what’s left of it. Radio Flyer is dear to my childhood. I remember scratching my shins riding and falling off my beat-up RF wagon.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this company, making wagons since 1917, have their CEO Robert Pasin, grandson of the founder, be featured in “The Boss” column of the Sunday New York Times (7/25/10)*.

Old school does not mean resistant to change. Chicago-based Radio Flyer saw competitors roll in with plastic-molded alternatives. They didn’t take it sitting down. Well, they did. They sat in people’s living rooms and listened “very closely” to customers: “…sometimes what they say they want and what they really want are different,” said Pasin. They rolled out a loser before rolling out a competitive winner: a plastic version with ATV wheels and two folding seats. I’ve seen these. They’re nice, but call me old fashion for liking the Real McCoy steel wagons that make such a noisy clanging racket when pulled down concrete sidewalks in the city of Detroit where I was happy enough to survive. * “The Wagons Keep Rolling” http://twitterurl.net//duu5


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