Deepwater BP oil spill: Pay up now, baby, pay up now

Without fail, the BP oil spill will lay waste to the oyster beds and fish industry permanently along the Gulf shore. There is no solution for it. They should take the green they robbed from the environs and replace it with green capital. They should subsidize shell fish farmers and related businesses for 10 years worth of lost income and pay it in one lump sum; an early retirement package for those whose livelihoods depend on healthy coastal waters. This is phase one. Phase two to five should repeat the same compensation package for the other major industries that will be wiped out by this looming enviro catastrophe.

Of course BP will never do a proactive act of kindness and goodwill, preferring instead to drag out multiple class-action suits that will cost them more millions in the end. Unfortunately ‘the end’ will not be seen for another 20 years before court proceedings are settled, then BP will appeal, buying them another 10 years. By then, all those who suffered from this mess will be most likely dead, at which time their children will begin showing signs of liver and kidney damage from pollutants that have seeped into the food and water supply. What a frick’n mess.


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